XENIA’s talented crew provides years of sailing experience, yacht amenities, extensive local knowledge, and superb attention to detail…ensuring an unforgettable time aboard. We look forward to inviting you aboard XENIA 50.

XENIA 50 may be chartered through qualified charter agents—please contact your preferred professional charter broker to inquire about booking XENIA for the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


Peter Lech & Jade Konst

Captain and Chef First Mate and Chef


Captain & Chef Peter Lech and First Mate & Chef Jade Konst

With Peter and Jade as accompaniment on your XENIA 50 experience, your sojourn will be decidely nothing less than world class. What sets Peter and Jade apart is that—in addition to being highly-skilled crew—they are both also extremely talented gourmet chefs. Having spent years creating culinary delights for the rich and famous (including Hollywood starlets and American presidents) they proffer the true epitome of lavish gourmet dining.

Peter applies his classic French training to local exotic ingredients and, as a certified Sommelier, pairs them with the best wines from around the world. Jade's influences stem from her Asian-Pacific upbringing, with emphasis on fresh and healthy meals brimming with delectable originality and sumptuous flavors. With Jade and Peter, your dining is guaranteed to be exquisite—with the very best of gourmet cuisines expertly prepared to ensure every bite is tailored to perfection and catered to the highest possible standard.  With superb service and a personalized menu, the mouth-watering cuisine aboard XENIA 50 is an adventure in and of itself.  

Peter’s ease at the helm and 14 years of management experience ensure only the very smoothest of vessel operations. He literally cut his teeth on his family's Morgan 27 and Morgan 40 on the tempestuous waters of the Great Lakes. Racing several evenings a week and three-day cross-lake marathons are still commonplace in the Lech family, with them consistently placing top of their class and best overall. Sailing is in the Lech blood.

Jade's extensive sailing grounds span the Pacific Coast from Vancouver Island to Costa Rica, the Atlantic shores of New England and the Eastern Caribbean. She has hands-on experience with virtually any kind of sailing vessel—from tuna fishing boats and tall ships to luxury catamarans.

Peter and Jade look forward to welcoming you aboard XENIA 50.



We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of cuisine, service and overall attention to detail that is an intrinsic part of the XENIA experience. But don't take our word for it—read what some of our exuberant guests have had to say about their time aboard...

Peter and Jade look forward to welcoming you aboard XENIA 50.






Susan Russell

March 16, 2016

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a terrific lunch on Friday. It was over the top delicious with a wonderful presentation. Loved the wine too 🙂

You’re awesome!

Lynne Campbell

March 16, 2016

Thank you for the photos, which are really helpful to have on hand and thank you again for lunch – which was absolutely outstanding!

Trudi King

March 16, 2016

I just wanted to thank you both so much for inviting me for lunch on Saturday. It was absolutely delicious and I was blown away by the flavours of a well-balanced meal. The chicken with preserved lemon was incredible as was the raddish and fennel salad. It was all beautifully presented and the clean plates of all brokers said it all!

Thank you for making me feel so welcome, it was lovely to meet you.

Donna Romasco

March 10, 2016

I just wanted to drop you a thank you note for the fabulous luncheon on Friday – it was a “foodie’s” dream and truly amazing. The Lobster Carpaccio was stunning, so many layers of flavour and the preserved lemons added such a lovely burst of flavour. The lemons were so good you inspired me to put up my own preserved lemons over the weekend (unfortunately not your lovely French lemons, so I’ll be happy if they taste even half as wonderful as yours). I loved that the Blue Fin Tuna was caught by the boat, a very nice touch and ever so tasty. The service was impeccable, wine amazing and the entire luncheon a delight. I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable meals I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve enjoyed more than a few over the years. I do hope you compete in the culinary competition at the fall show, you have the skills to easily take the majority if not all of the award categories. XENIA 50 was by far BEST IN SHOW—well done!

XENIA (Greek: ξενία, xenía, trans. "guest-friendship)—the ancient Greek concept of hospitality; the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home.