XENIA’s talented crew provides years of sailing experience, yacht amenities, extensive local knowledge, and superb attention to detail…ensuring an unforgettable time aboard. We look forward to inviting you aboard XENIA 74.

XENIA 74 may be chartered through qualified charter agents—please contact your preferred professional charter broker to inquire about booking XENIA for the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.



Captain Tony Trappe & Chef Kate Purdy



We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of cuisine, service and overall attention to detail that is an intrinsic part of the XENIA experience. But don't take our word for it—read what some of our exuberant guests have had to say about their time aboard...

Gareth and Kristine look forward to welcoming you aboard XENIA 74.

GUEST Testimonials

The crew, accommodations, equipment and comfort on Xenia 74 were fantastic. Food was outstanding, some of the best we’ve ever eaten…and from a yacht kitchen, we couldn’t believe it. Presentation was 5 star. This will go down as one of the best vacations we have ever taken. Having travelled the world, this was easily the most relaxing vacation we’ve ever been on. The scenery was beautiful, the crew was top notch and the food was unbeatable. We did not suffer for lack of anything other than more time on this vacation. Thank you to Gareth, Kristine and Suzy for your amazing hospitality, humour and creating an atmosphere that allowed us to feel right at home on your boat.

D. McIntyre (May 2016)

We absolutely loved our week on XENIA 74. Gareth, Kristine and Susie were terrific and were very attentive. They did a very good job quickly figuring out what type of vacation we were looking for. The yacht itself was beautiful and had plenty of room for our party of eight, private cabins were very comfortable. The locations we anchored each day were breath taking and we enjoyed every spot we visited. We also could not say enough about Kristine’s culinary skills. The food was incredible, so fresh and tasty, we could not wait to see what she would come up with next. We would definitely book another yachting vacation, especially with this particular crew.

R & K Pearce (June 2016)

The Xenia 74 is an amazing sailing vessel with a terrific Crew.

Gareth, Kristine and Suzy made the trip for us. They were all helpful and knowledgeable about the BVIs and lead us to experience all the best spots in the islands.

Kristine is an amazing chef. Three meals a day and a happy hour snack all spectacular. We miss her meals daily and look forward to another trip aboard Xenia74 for more of her creations.

Gareth was a great guide for all of our snorkeling adventures including cave diving and rock jumping. Also his happy hour drinks every afternoon kept us wanting more. Thanks to you all for a memorable vacation.

K. Matranga (January 2016)

It would take the remainder of the book to describe and detail how wonderful this vacation has been and how well you cared for us, so suffice it to say “a vacation of which it could not have been better.” To add to the joy of others and to increase the well being in the world is a vocation worth doing. We would love to see Kristine and Gareth on their wedding day so please send us a photo.

Rock Family (March 2016)

This charter was far and away above our expectations. Gareth and Christine were absolutely fantastic in every way. Gareth was a great captain and made us feel safe and comfortable at all times. Christine created a culinary experience that is impossible to put into words (mostly because my mouth was always full!). The yacht was clean and felt like it was brand new. I highly recommend the Xenia 74 to anyone.

Fettes Family (March 2016)

Thank you all so much for an awesome trip. I had such an amazing time with

Thanks for being so flexible given all of the changes that ended up
occurring. We wish that could have been simpler, but unfortunately, so it goes. Thanks Gareth for getting all the passport stamps for me, ( I’m so excited they’re all in a proper position in my passport….none even overlapping!! ) arranging all of the activities and for your laid back attitude. Thanks Kristine for the awesome food and laughs!! Thanks Susie for your hospitality and use of your guide book. You all made this an awesome vacation. Gareth & Kristine, best wishes on your upcoming wedding.
Susie, best wishes moving forward.

E. Angle (January 2016)

Thank you all so much for an absolutely wonderful week. The food was

AMAZING and the hospitality so welcoming. Thank you for putting up with our antics, our very large apetites and late night dance parties. This has been the best way to ring in the new year and we are all leaving feeling rejuvenated and maybe just a few pounds heavier Thank you for everything!

Happiest of New Years!!!

The Miller Family and Friends (December 2015)

Thank you for a fantastic week! Every minute was perfect and exactly what we needed. We are going home with big smiles, well rested and huge tummies.

Best of luck to you both, happy holidays and hope to see you again soon.

Plotkin Family (December 2015)

Where do we begin! This was our dream two years ago and we actually experienced it! You both made it fabulous! Words can’t describe the awesome experience we had! Keep up the good work and we can’t wait to see you again on board!

Barbara & Brad Dunn (December 2015)

Wish there were more words than fabulous, wonderful, dedicated, pampering to describe the Crew of the Xenia – Gareth and Kristine. They are truly Masters of their profession!

Captain Gareth was not only a gracious host, knowledgeable sailor and guide; but, by the end of our week-long vacation, a friend. First Mate, Chef Kristine presented us with a culinary delight at every meal. Not only were the meals and appetizers/snacks delicious, but every one was attractively plated. In between all the prep work, she even managed to bake homemade chocolate chip cookies!

A beautiful catamaran, an experienced warm crew (who made us feel at home) and a loving son and daughter-in-law with three beautiful/amazing granddaughters made this a memorable vacation that we will cherish for years to come.

Timbario Family (March 2015)

We have just returned from our amazing vacation (of a lifetime) aboard XENIA. First, I want to thank you for connecting us with Gareth and Kristine. They contacted us a few days before our arrival to firm up the transportation arrangements to the boat and assured us that after lunch we would sit down and map out our week. Gareth had a driver waiting when we arrived at the fast ferry and he and Kristine greeted us when we arrived at the marina. We were in awe when we spotted the beautiful Xenia awaiting us.

We took a tour of the boat, safety instructions were given, we unpacked our bags and the trip was underway. From the moment we stepped aboard, we were in paradise. The children were welcomed and felt right at home. The rooms were spacious with more than enough storage, the bathrooms and showers were much bigger than you would expect on a boat, and all the amenities were top notch.

Throughout the week, we were treated to the most amazing meals. The table was set elegantly each night with an array of colors and designs. I really don’t have words adequate enough to describe the deliciousness and beautiful presentation of each one. Kristine is a master chef. Having some picky eaters in our family, she certainly went above and beyond to ensure the children were happy and well fed. She always offered a back up “kid friendly” option, but the unthinkable happened….the children ate EVERY amazingly delicious meal Kristine prepared. (They even suggested I need to step up my game). The portions were perfect. We took pictures of meal and we relive how awesome each was, especially dessert.

As for the trip itinerary, Gareth gathered ideas from each of us as to what we wanted to see and do and made suggestions of other activities each island offered. Before we knew it the entire week was mapped out with activities that included snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, water skiing, tubing, paddle boarding, exploring, beach time, zip lining, fishing and more. Gareth had the perfect balance of fun and relaxation planned out for us. While we have seen breathtaking pictures of Caribbean beaches and visited plenty of islands in the Caribbean, none of them come close to the exclusive, white sandy beaches Gareth took us too. We had the beach to ourselves. Each place was nicer than the next. Throughout the week we often commented to each other “it doesn’t get better than this”.

Gareth took all of the children snorkeling before dinner, Kristine jumped in the water to help them get the hang of water skiing, they took underwater pictures of our family and beautiful fish, they played games and watched movies in the salon with us. Gareth and Kristine are true professionals, outstanding hosts and a phenomenal team who were fun to be around and talk and laugh with. We were truly grateful and blessed to have them on our vacation. They are remarkable. This vacation made memories that will last a lifetime (and it will be nearly impossible to top this one). Thank you again for an unforgettable chapter in our lives.

Anthony, Gina, Anthony and Dominic Senft (March 2015)

It was an amazing week. You guys were great. The boat and crew were amazing. Gareth and Kristine were A+. Loved both of them. Above and beyond in service and personality. They were flexible and fun and very professional. The sailing was great, the activities were fun. Gareth went snorkeling with us and was a riot. Lot’s of free diving pictures. Kristine’s food was perfect. This is the second time I’ve done a charter and this experience was twice as good as the first one.

Favaron (June 2015)

Our charter on Xenia was simply wonderful. It exceeded our expectations! Gareth and Kristine were professional, friendly and fun! The food was fabulous! Kristine is a wonderful chef and we loved every breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer, dessert and specialty cocktail! The one dinner we had in a restaurant on land could not compare to Kristine’s. We sailed, swam, snorkeled, skied, and tubed when we were on the water. We hiked, had a spa day and rode mopeds at some of our stops. It was relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. This was our first charter and it definitely won’t be the last! Thank you Gareth and Kristine for making our celebration trip the best!

Cinda Forrester (May 2015)

The merits of the boat can pretty much speak for themselves—it is spacious, clean, extremely comfortable and downright elegant. It’s almost like staying at the Four Seasons on water. But what really made our trip a total success was Gareth and Kristine. What a pair they make: talk about synergy. They are totally focused on making everyone’s trip a customized, out-of-this world, first-class experience. Their attention to every detail ensured our vacation was an amazing time.

Captain Gareth runs a tight ship. Every suggestion he made was a good one – from the agenda of our sails to the snorkeling sites we might best enjoy to what local establishments we might want to visit to shop, sun, or enjoy a Painkiller. And Gareth makes maneuvering that big boat look easy. We zipped among the islands with ease and finesse. Smooth sailing, man.

Kristine’s cooking was sensational—each meal was a crazy festive and savory event. Every night we thought we had the “best” dinner, but then the next night the entrée was even more delicious. (Have you had her duck? To die for.) Every nite we also had some kind of dream dessert. We literally all licked our plates the night she served her ganache. (To be honest, we licked our plates the night she served her meringue too).

Besides being technically-skilled, Gareth and Kristine are just really nice, fun people. Xenia occasionally rocked with some waves or our music, but Gareth and Kristine rock all the time.

Happy sailing!

Steve and Patti Schroeder (April 2015)

Me and my family are one day back from the best family vacation of my life and want to thank you for your help in arranging a fantastic trip and connecting me and my family with Gareth and Kristine. Having never chartered a boat before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but what I do know is that Xenia is a tremendous yacht and much more importantly, Gareth and Kristine are also tremendous. They are true professionals who struck an incredible balance of knowledgeable boat captains, safety marshals, incredible chef (Kristine in particular), sailing instructors—friendly yet firm when needed with kids and generally very conscientious about all of our needs from drinks to scuba and waterskiing, etc. We all would want them to join us in any game or event as they were so fun and interesting to be with. While always flexible, they also always had a good plan in place, with several options depending upon our prevailing desires and energy level. Additionally, I had a personal goal of learning some sailing details, and Gareth continually asked me to participate and showed me aspects of sailing beautiful Xenia when I’m sure it would have been easier to do it all himself.

While I haven’t chartered before I am also in the service business, and I know they delivered tremendous, world class service. As such, I hope I have the opportunity to work again with the Xenia fleet and will hope to have the good fortune of seeing Gareth and Kristine again in the future.

Topher C. (January 2015)

We are out of words to express what a wonderful charter you put us in. First Gareth and Kristine are extremely fun and professional. Never before have we had 17 exquisite meals in a row. What an accomplishment! Xenia has a beautiful cherry interior and is kept in mint condition. Activities were numerous and fun for both generations in our family. Each of us voted for their individual preference:

Flexibility in schedule (Vanessa)
The anchoring locations (Maria)
The views (Ana)
The sailing part and helping with the sails and anchor (Nick)
The Soggy Dollar (Olivier)
Water skiing and hiking in Salt Point (Helena)
Kit surfing and the Bitter End (Phil)
Seeing the entire family so very happy (Jose)

We could go and on, but we don’t want Gareth to get too much of a big head, ha.Thanks for creating these memorable moments for all of us.

The Cortes family (December 2014)

First of all we wish you a Happy New Year…

We would like report to you our marvelous impression about Xenia.We loved everything about Xenia: The boat design, the comfortable cabins, the sailing, the lovely beaches, and above all, Gareth and Kristine’s attention and friendliness. Every moment was perfect, the food was wonderful—words cannot describe this magical week. We will be there again next May, and it is our intention to repeat the cruise on December 2015. This was the best of our eight catamaran trips.

Fernando, Marcia, Antonio, Irma, Marcio, Claudia, Luiz & Lucia (December 2014)

We are thrilled to be sailing with Gareth and Kristine again next April. He captained for us a couple years ago and he was the BEST!!!

Barbara D. (May 2014)

Our deep and sincere thanks for creating a spectacular memory of such a beautiful place. From Normal Island, Peter Island, New Years with you, and Anageda, it was all spectacular. The food, your skills as sailors and hosts, and all you did for us were much appreciated.

Larry (January 2014)

Each time we come back to the BVIs we think, how could this trip top the last one. Well, you succeeded. The food stood out as the best EVER! The sailing on perfect winds was the best ever! Because everything was seen to by you guys we were truly able to relax, play games, and enjoy our family vacation. It is so difficult to disembark, but know that a little piece of each of us will remain with you. Thank you for helping make this our best trip yet. Hopefully we will see you again soon. Until then, our prayers and best wishes for safe travels and a wonderful life.

The Texas Coldicotts (January 2014)

Thank you for your tireless efforts, perfect route, perfect food, perfect dives, perfect snorkeling and perfect chef. Please take care of our heart, it will be with you…Certainly we will return, and we will never forget this wonderful trip.

Sergio (November 2013)

‘Thank you’ is an understatement. You both treated me like royalty and were so patient and kind looking after the non-sailor and at time non-swimmer. I will have to go to the tailor to add inches to my waistband! The food sun, wind, and laughter will be remembered always. Thank you both ever so much and I thank the yacht, she is a lovely ship and she kept us safe and sound.

Colleen (November 2013)

I found myself wondering how I could make all this wonderful adventure continue! You both are consummate professionals with great poise and style to boot. Karen and I will remember your great care and attention for many years to come! It is rare to not have any complaints about a vacation…everything was perfection. Kristine, your culinary creations could stand with the best restaurants and your attention to individual preferences was superb. Gareth, it was very clear early on our voyage that you love sailing and are an expert in all aspects of seamanship. You guys are a great team and we felt like royalty under your care.

Bill and Karen (November 2013)

Thank you so much for an amazing trip! Gareth’s love of sailing was wonderful to see and made this a true “sailing” adventure. Kristine’s contribution to the trip was unbelievable…the meals coming from the galley—every one was beyond wonderful! Especially considering she had to deal with two children (who eat nothing), a vegetarian and a gluten-free in the group—truly an amazing feat!

Ric and Sue (November 2013)






XENIA (Greek: ξενία, xenía, trans. "guest-friendship)—the ancient Greek concept of hospitality; the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home.